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The purpose of this website is to help stake presidents, bishops, and others charged with leading young single adults (YSAs) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be more effective in helping them become more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. It will help you to prepare them to be righteous leaders in their homes and capable leaders in the Church.

This is not an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has been created and maintained by Church members who are deeply committed to ensuring that those in the next generation of parents and leaders in the church are better than the best of prior generations. The ideas presented here come from a variety of different settings and may not be appropriate for every situation—they are offered to stimulate discussion and revelation, and are not meant as panaceas. We pray that you will feel the Spirit of God as you study the materials on this website, so that you will know by its power how to apply the principles you learn here to the specific needs of the young single adults for whom you have responsibility.

We urge you first to study the sections of the Church Handbook of Instructions that relate to young single adults. Those materials will tell you what your responsibilities are. With that understanding, we hope that this website can then give you a better sense for how you can fulfill those responsibilities.

Understanding the Challenges Faced by YSAs

Our young single adults face significant challenges. An alarming proportion are falling away from faithful activity in the Church, and for those that remain, the difficulties are real: unmarried sisters often deal with depression, a three-to-one gender imbalance causes organizational and social difficulties, and our young men often struggle to cope with addiction and pornography. This section examines these problems more in-depth to lay the groundwork for this site.

Resources Organized by Topic

Here you can find resources organized by topic. Example questions we address include:

Resources Organized by Leadership Role

Here you can find resources organized by leadership role, including:

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If you have questions or comments for us, content that you would like to contribute, or if you have suggestions for how we might make this website more useful, please contact us at admin@ysa-leaders.org.

May the Lord guide you as you strive to build up His kingdom and bless His children!


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