Resources for Stake Presidents

Our resources for stake presidents look at the root causes of central YSA problems, with a focus on organizational considerations of wards and stakes.

Motivating Observations

An alarming proportion of our young single adults are falling away from faithful activity in the Church. While many factors contribute to so many of our young single adults losing their grasp of the Iron Rod, here are six key observations:
  • How YSAs experience a lack of structure
  • Why postponing marriage increases vulnerability to immorality
  • What happens to young men who don't serve a mission
  • How many Youth Leaders and parents frame good leadership and parenthood incorrectly
  • Why there is insufficient extrinsic motivation for ward leaders
  • An Unproductive Culture in Some YSA Wards

Solving the Inactivity of YSA Members

We can help more of our young people remain faithful if we address the root causes of why they are falling away. This section explores possible changes to our YM/YW programs, priesthood and Relief Society curriculum, and in the structure and policies of our YSA programs.

YSA Service Councils

In one BYU stake where YSA Service Councils were employed, home teachers consistently have fulfilled over 93% of their monthly assignments. The number of marriages per 100 members of the stake has been consistently three times the average of the other BYU stakes. Here, we discuss YSA Service Councils, and why their use is a confirmation of the idea that while social opportunities are important, the best opportunities to know, respect and love others arise when we work together towards a common goal.

When is it best to organize a YSA ward or branch, and when is it best to ask YSA members to attend a geographic ward?

When properly organized, an "others-focused" YSA ward can increase the faithfulness and leadership capacities of more of our young single adults, and help more of them find faithful spouses whom they can marry in the temple. This document discusses the principles of creating such a ward, from records policies, to staged development, to perspectives on what constitutes a critical mass of YSAs.

Helping Individuals Recover From Pornography Use

A comprehensive set of resources designed by LDS ecclesiastical leaders, LDS therapists, and counselors. Includes discussions of how to 1) detect a member’s pornography involvement, 2) assess the scope and nature of the involvement, 3) assist them in developing a personal plan of action. 4) help them in following their personal plan of action, and 5) provide accountability and support after repentance. Includes references to related talks, quotes, and books.

Thoughts and recommendations regarding Young Single Adult Wards from a former Bishop

This piece contributes several insights about the challenges our young single adults face, and some ideas for how to cope with them. The central principle is listening to and counseling with our young single adults in meaningful ways, and then giving them opportunities to build up the kingdom through service and leadership.

How to create a dating and marriage friendly ward.

To create an effective culture of dating in a YSA ward, the examples of leaders' lives is as important as the lessons they teach. This piece discusses principles and ideas to consider when leading a YSA ward, or when considering potential YSA leaders for callings.

Resources for Training YSA Bishops

This section collects resources which may be useful for stake presidencies and high councils as they train YSA bishops in their stake.


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